What is the difference between a Speedy clock and a Speedylite clock ?

A Speedy holds a race team of up to 200 birds, whereas a Speedylite can hold up to 100 birds. Furthermore the Speedy can utilise additional antenna pads and also the Bricon Plus, whilst the Speedylite operates with just a single antenna pad and not with the Bricon Plus. Both clocks offer the same Bricon efficiency.

Is there another power source that I can use to power my system rather than mains electricity ?

Yes, as the system uses 12 volt power you can alternatively use a battery with a Bricon battery connection cable.

At times I suffer from electricity power cuts. What can I do to give cover in these circumstances ?

Either obtain a battery connection cable and a 12 volt battery as a reserve, or obtain a Bricon back-up battery which will be charged-up from mains electricity but will take over if the mains power is disrupted.

I wish to add additional Antenna pads, so how can I check that I will have sufficient power for them ?

Each Bricon antenna pad has a milliamp usage (mA) as indictated on its label and a Speedy clock uses 70mA. Each black Bricon transformer can give an electric charge of up to 1500mA of power. You should calculate the power requirements of your complete system, and utilise additional power transformers where necessary.

What must I consider in order to have an additional antenna pad in a loft away from my existing loft ?

It is advised to give this separate antenna pad its own separate power supply, as when you send power through a long cable (20+ metres) then the voltage levels may fall below the levels required for that pad.

I have obtained a second antenna pad. What must I do in order for it to operate as part of my system ?

You must use antenna programming to re-number that pads own internal number held within its memory. Each pad must have a different number to that of any other pad in the system and each is supplied as a number 1 pad.

I wish to have more than 4 antenna pads connected to my Speedy clock. What do I need ?

When 5 or more pads are required with the Speedy, then an Antenna buffer must be fitted. A single antenna buffer will enable up to 19 pads to be used in the system. Power requirements must also be given consideration.

Where can I look to check that I have correctly entered my name into the Speedy or Speedylite ?

When on the menu, if you hold down the C button, then both your name and icon description will appear.

What could be wrong, if my Speedy lights up when connected, but fails to go into clocking mode ?

The Speedy may not have been fully pushed in all the way, as the first part of the push only powers the clock. Check that there isn’t something in the base of the wall holder stopping the clock from going fully in.

When linking birds directly onto the Speedy clock with the loft antenna, what ring format should I use ?

The ring should be entered in the format of 4 characters for the country or union id, followed by the year (eg. -09-) followed by 9 characters for the letters/numbers with extra spaces included early to make up the nine characters.

How can I find out how many birds are linked to electronic chip rings within the memory of the Speedy ?

During the start-up of the Speedy clock the word ‘Busy’ will appear with the number of birds next to it.


I need to be at two club headquarters at the same time. Can I use two Speedys to achieve this ?

Yes, two clocks can be used on the same antenna pad system using a Bricon split cable. Each Speedy clock should hold the same ring data and each clock must be returned to the club where it was used for basketing.

How can I race with my Speedy clock, when basketing will take place on an alternative brand of master ?

You will need your Bricon unives cable and also have the racepoint pre-entered into the Speedy.

How do I enter the racepoint names into my Speedy clock ?

Racepoints can be sent to the clock from the BCE programme, or can be entered directly onto the clock using the last icon (racepoints). The Speedy holds up to 25 different racepoints, with each entered with 4 characters.

Why is my Speedy clock showing a time variation against the master time on my basketing list ?

An old race remains active on the clock for which the internal time is being maintained. Delete all of the races from the Speedy and from then on it will be able to synchronise itself with the master time signal once again.

How can I check that my club has deleted all of the previous races from my Speedy clock ?

Insert the power cable directly into the bottom of the Speedy, and go to the races icon (the 2nd icon ~ flag 1-2). Press the OK button and if there is an active race still remaining on the clock, then the screen will display it


What must I look for on the display of my Speedy clock, after I have connected it for a race ?

When a Speedy is connected to the system, it will search for antennas. If the search is successful it will start in clocking mode and state ‘Clocking with xx Ant’, where xx is the number of antenna numbers found. It is important that this matches the number of pads in your system. If the clock starts up by showing the picture icons, then no antennas have been found and it will not record birds. In this case check the system including the connections.

My Speedy has been connected in readyiness for the return of race birds. How can I test my system ?

Hold two un-linked chip rings over the antenna pad, alternately lifting one ring away from the pad then the other.

Waiting for race birds to return, I have noticed that there are already birds recorded on the clock.

The clock will time any bird that has access to the pad, and therefore birds not raced will record as trainers.

How can I view the details of the birds that have been recorded on my clock ?

The last bird recorded will show on the display, but to look at other birds press the orange navigation buttons to scroll through the birds recorded. Furthermore pressing the OK button gives you two display options, the large character screen view gives the birds year and last four numbers, its position and clocking time, whilst the more detailed screen view gives additional information including the birds full ring number, the racepoint, date and time.

Of the birds timed on the Speedy, how can I find out how many are racers and how many trainers ?

When in displaying the detailed view, the bottom line of the Speedy display will show the numbers recorded, with for example T 15 R 12 indicating that there are a total of 15 birds timed, of which 12 are race birds.

How can I continue to record birds after having left for the club headquarters with my Speedy clock ?

The Bricon Plus is needed to take over from the Speedy and continue to record whilst the Speedy is away.


How can a print-out be taken that gives a list of all of the birds that are linked onto a members clock ?

Select master option 11 (Printing) and sub-option 2 (Assignment list). Connect the clock for 3 copies of the list.

How can I find out the current version of the software that is on the Bricon Club-Master ?

A start-up page appears for two seconds giving this info and the software version will also show on all print-outs.

Why after updating my clock with the master, does the clock show “Start Main” and not function ?

When the update was carried out the wrong software was given to the clock. If the clock shows Bios 4.44+ it is a Speedy, and if Bios 4.A4+ it is a Speedylite. Select the correct software from the list within the master menu option 12 (Updating) and update the clock once again but with the correct software to simply resolve the issue.

What specifications must the club printer incorporate for it to operate when connected to the master ?

A compatible printer will have a parallel port and also operate with a print language (or emulation) of PCL6.

Why does ‘no synchronisation’ appear when attempting a synchronisation with the radio-clock ?

The black mast must be showing on the second line of the display for the time signal to be valid and ready to use. If it is not there, reset the radio clock by placing a blunt object into the hole in its back and the time will reset itself.

When carrying out a GPS synchronisation, where am I going wrong if ‘PC communicat’ appears ?

The round GPS power connector can be fitted at the start of the synchronisation process, but the 9-pin GPS connector must not be plugged into the back of the master until after you have selected the GPS option.

What can be done if by accident the power cable is pulled from the master in the middle of basketing ?

Remove the clock and re-power the master. Select basketing again and the same racepoint. Re-connect the clock and the display will indicate ‘Race already basketed’. Press OK and continue basketing where you left off.

Why do the words ‘Bird already basketed’ appears on the master screen during basketing for a race ?

When this appears, the bird can not be basketed for the race as it is already in a race still remaining on the clock. The old race should be closed and deleted from the clock, before the bird can be basketed for this race.

What should be done if the printer fails to print ?

Remove power from the printer and master. Check that the print cable is connected and the printer has paper. Power the printer first and only when on should power be put into the master. Select basketing and the same race. Connect the clock and the screen will say ‘Race already basketed’. Press OK and then C for the print-out.

How can I vary the number of copies that are printed of the basketing list and the read-out list ?

Master menu option number 5 (Setup) allows you to change the number of print copys to suit your requirements.

Why is the printer producing many sheets of paper with just a few birds appearing on each sheet ?

A default setting within master menu option 5 may have been changed. Ensure the number of lines is set to 66.

The Club-Master is showing a message on screen that it has a low battery. What should the club do ?

Contact Bricon UK to arrange for the master to be returned back to base for a replacement battery to be fitted.