Columbopolivac S 50 doses 2 in 1

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Columbopolivac S 50 doses 2 in 1
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Bird Description

Columbopolivac S 50 doses 2 in 1 COMBINED

vaccine against Salmonella (parathyfus) and paramyxovirus (PMV) infections)


– Inactivated immunization against paramyxovirus (PMV) 86 salmonella (paratyphus) in pigeons – For intrafollicular application – Duration of immunity: Minimum 12 months. – Pigeons (4 week old youth and adults).


– 0,30 ml per pigeon for injection by subcutaneous method


– 50 doses
Orders are being taken for end of June delivery. Stock will be brought only as per orders taken and paid for. Please contact me immediately to place your orders.


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