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Bird Description


Product presentation

Final Sprint’s unique formula is specially developed for short-distance races and should be fed just before basketting.

Final Sprint increases energy, endurance and general performance. It stimulates an increased activity that robustly suppresses fatigue. It is the most powerful energy supplement for racing pigeons and will make your pigeons deliver a top performance. Its unique composition ensures the release of additional fats. Consequently an intenseburning of fat will take place and will cause an extreme energy boost.
It is not intended for long distance races

Directions and Dosage

Give Final Sprint on basketing morning after feeding the pigeons. When the feeding is finished, take away the drinking water for 30 minutes. Then add Final Sprint to the water and give it to the pigeons for one hour. Afterwards, clear water can be given again.

Ph: 00919994098354 / 00447904384330

Additional Information

Final Sprint

250 gms


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