The club was formed with the intention of conducting open races and not competing with existing clubs.

* Registration of the club in under process and we are looking for dynamic members to be part to club management team and the racing and organizing committees. No member can be in more than one committee.

* The Open races for 2019 planned at this point of time involve Karnataka, Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu and we are looking for committee members from all 3 states.

* A yearly rule ebook of rules will be sent to members who pay the yearly fee before Dec 31st 2018. A weekly mailer will be sent at all members on various developments in the pigeon sporting world.

* There would be only 2 – 100 kms training & another is 210 kms training and all training needs to be done with our respective clubs or personally.

* Yearly membership fee is Rs. 250/— .

* The race schedule for 2019 will have 3 races , the 275Kms Ongole Open , the 550 kms Warrangal open and the 900Kms Nagpur open. More details on the next slide.

* Members taking part in the open races can use their club rings or the IN rings as identity. For those who are not members of any club , we would be issuing rings to help them take part in our open races. The register of those purchasing our rings will be available at our office for anyone to View.

* Rings will be available from the 20th March.